Children's pharmacy

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Alpen Pharma is part of the global company group Alpen Pharma located in Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, with the main office situated in the Swiss capital of Bern.

Our primary objective revolved around crafting an inviting web design tailored to Alpen Pharma, highlighting a diverse range of customer-favored products dedicated to children’s health. Additionally, we focused on curating engaging publicity campaigns across various social media platforms to enhance brand visibility and reach. By combining a cozy web interface with strategic social media initiatives, we aimed to foster a vibrant online community centered around children’s wellness. Through these efforts, we sought to establish Alpen Pharma as a trusted resource for families seeking quality healthcare solutions for their children.

Our Impressive Performance

Project reviews
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What we do

  • Advertising Strategy
  • Web design: Figma
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Youtube ads